Glory Bar


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When choosing a product to market for my Sheridan Web Design Independant Project, I chose nutrition bars because I love them but also because I wanted to promote them differently.

I was used to seeing depictions of perfect looking models scaling cliffs or doing advanced yoga in nutrition advertising, but what about regular people?.

I thought about what true health could look like for the average person and I wanted to make that goal seem more attainable. Glory Bars embrace individuality and discard the notion of one size fits all nutrition.

My Rationale

Attaining and maintaining good health should feel good, so should shopping for health-related products. I aimed to engage shoppers with colourful pages and friendly informal language.

This is one product with the consumer’s desires at the forefront. Consumers can choose from a variety of popular flavours or even customize their own version by filling out a simple form.

For the details view my
PDF marketing plan

Brand Positioning Statment:

For the health conscious, ethical consumer who needs a convenient snack or meal replacement, particular to their diet, without compromising on nutrition or taste, Glory Bar nutritional bars offer a large customizable variety of premium ingredient choices. Unlike pre-formated nutritional supplements, Glory Bars are freshly made to fit your lifestyle and unique preferences.
glorybarred I especially wanted the bars to be colourful and energetic in appearance while still looking natural and wholesome.

Getting The Tone Right

From the first mood board I knew this would be a fun one. Bright colours and quirky people seemed the way to go.


Picking a Brand Ambassador

Consumers are attracted to bloggers who write well about things they care about, and who have an authentic voice. They are inclined to turn to these “influencers” for advice and also recommendations for the products they buy. In fact, 87% of women use blogs to make purchasing decisions. Since my demographic is primarlity female, I chose Allie Arpen. I wanted a vibrant attractive women, comfortable with herself as an individual and just embarking on a healthy lifestyle.
allie arpen

Deciding on a name

I got the idea for the name of my bars from listening to a Bob Marley and The Wailers Song: This Train. Bob sang about a spiritual train “bound to glory.” Glory is a big word, with religious connotations. It is not used that often in contemporary conversation. Today it seems to have a natural hyperbole and carry a feeling of nostalgia. I liked both of those qualities and thought they suited a brand in which old fashioned quality combines with a modern sense of individual empowerment.

spring promo

Taking The Brand Further

This brand has eye catching potential as seen in this mock-up of a weather network takeover. Using atypical models adds to the novelty factor.