Goldmans NY Deli


The Logo

The retro badge-style logo is updated by simplifying and flattening.


This fantasy restaurant blends the cherished traditions of a family owned eatery with modern sophistication.

Founded by Lithuanian immigrants Abe and David Goldman in 1952, Goldmans has become a fixture of the East Side.

Today Goldmans maintains it's commitment to quality food by offering only organic and traditionally raised ingredients. This modern approach extends to the responsive design of their site, allowing busy New Yorkers to easily plan a visit, get delivery or take-out and arrange for catering.

My Rationale

I wanted to create a nostalgic yet sophisticated brand to reflect a family business that has evolved into a modern, trendy spot. I imagine that each new generation of the Goldman family would update the original brand:

We call it Organic food. Our grandparents called it “food”.

It is easy to browse through the small menu on a phone, tablet or desktop. Ordering is just a click or call away.

Responsive Design

Goldmans was my first real attempt at responsive design. I learnt quickly how vital it is to plan and wire-frame every aspect to make sure that the arrangement of elements translates well across interfaces. It was challenging but I enjoyed predicting the way everything shifts between mobile, desktop and tablet. I look forward to doing more of this type of design in the future.