My Profile


I had an interest in art, particularly painting from very early on. At the same time I was irrepressibly curious about the natural world and human behaviour. Once I earning an HBSc in biology and psychology at The University of Toronto, I applied to the competitive illustration program at Sheridan College.

The years I spent at Sheridan helped me develop a variety of traditional and digital skills. I went on to work as an in-house graphic designer for national organizations such as The Arthritis Society and Scholastic Canada. During those years I gained experience in collaborating with other designers and marketing professionals. In subsequent freelance roles, I honed my organization skills and made the most out of creative direction.

In my recent position as a Graphic and Content Designer at Meridian Credit Union, I gained knowledge about the financial industry and developed completely new skills in digital display, storyboarding, content management and signage.

Outside of work I am a obsessed with food, love to travel and I take in as much live music as possible.